How long have I wanted to hold a Glossier product in my hand?! For too long! My dream came true on my last trip to the big U.S of A. I’ve loved Glossier since it launched but living in NZ, and Glossier only shipping the US and Puerto Rico I was constantly disappointed!

I remember the inception of Into the Gloss way back when.It was like being invited into your girl crush’s bathroom, sitting on a closed toilet seat or edge of the bath and playing with makeup and beauty products but more than that, every time I read Into the Gloss, I’m reminded of getting ready with my gfs and just talking about life, and beauty and men and not just talking about MAC or Laura Mercier but sharing yourself; your hopes and dreams. I think we’re at our most vulnerable while talking beauty. It’s quite an intimate thing to let your girlfriends and even your beloved watch you apply your makeup. It’s a little bit squirmy, you know?!

Since Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss launched Glossier; I’ve wanted to try Glossier so bad! Specifically formulated from feedback from the Into the Gloss community, the tightly edited collection of skincare and makeup has been created to cure skin woes, create a great palette and highlight one’s best features.


I ordered the in Coconut, ($12 USD) which is honestly, the priming moisturizer ($25 USD) and the moisture moon mask ($22 USD). The products come in the most beautifully packaged box with stickers, a poster and a free visor!
Who doesn’t love constantly smelling the islands on one’s lips? I ordered the coconut flavour (rose, original, cherry and mint available) Consistency is ultra-rich; a mix between bepanthan and Lucas paw paw; it goes on like a dream and feels so protective and rich on lips. Other uses include a eyelid primer, great for burns or blemishes and dry elbows (yeh!)

Priming Moisterizer
I think I was hoping for a little thicker consistency; but that’s probably just because it’s winter and who doesn’t love a rich, thick comforting cream in the dead of winter? It glides on effortlessly and is perfect to mix in with sunscreen. I feel like it’s moisturising and nourishing at the same time it’s a great barrier between skin and foundation and creates a really dewy finish.Perfect primer for Round 2: Foundation.  TRUE LOVE


Moisture Moon Mask
So hard to choose between the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and this beauty mask! I think I chose well. Brightening, creamy and very dreamy, this Moon Mask feels like jelly rather than a mud like consistency. It feels like a really rich moisturiser. Covering one’s face with a thick layer of this dream treatment, you’re supposed to go on social media for 20 mins zen out then wipe off the excess. While you’re double tapping, your fine lines are smoothed, elasticity restored and complexion is brightened. The claims are true! I’ve noticed a huge difference but disclaimer: I don’t wipe off the excess… cos there isn’t any! Eeek, must drink more water obvs. I’ve actually just taken to putting in on before bed and sleeping in it. Cue supple, soft skin in the morning.

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