American Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving
1Varadero, Cuba, CUBA.COM

As an Antipodean growing up between New Zealand and Australia, Thanksgiving was so foreign to us, but not a hard holiday to get behind. I’m now a transplant North American, and have deeply embraced a good pair of expandable waistband pants comes November 26th. To be honest, back home we have no such occasion where eating until one so desperately needs to purge is so encouraged. Christmas yeah… but everyone is so keen on crossfit and clean eating or whatever that Thanksgiving gluttony is so refreshing. While a period of semi-insanity at airports across the country (ed note: Last Thanksgiving, I was bound Vegas-NYC with my best girl and got stuck in… Detroit. At 4am… because the plane landing in front of us had skidded off the runway due to the ice and it closed down the airport.) According to Forbes, Thanksgiving is the time where least Americans travel internationally, which has hugely cheapened exotic, international fares and all-inclusive’s. Yeehah. If you’re considering heading abroad because of your grievances against turkey, or you’re into Crossfit or just exhibit a general malaise around this time. Here’s a roundup of where you should potentially go. Just go.

Varadero, Cuba

varadero, cuba - an editorial life

Sun and Beaches. Barely any Americans. A great chance to boast to folks back home how cultural one is.

Varadero is a little off the beaten track, from ye olde Havana where tourists tend to mill however a day trip to Havana is for sure to be done. The streets are filled with locals enjoying a little flamenco, a little cigar and a lot of smiles. As trade restrictions against Cuba inch more towards the generous side, the country has flung its doors wide open to the tourist $$. The locals are genuinely interested in one’s story and provenance.. “oh you’re from New Zealand..!!!” as we find the wee little downunder plot of land on the map together.

Varadero and likewise Cuba is a breath of fresh island air to the seasoned traveller accustomed to large chains of hotels. Due to the trade sanctions, small boutique owner/operator B&Bs are the accommodation options de rigueur. And it’s lovely. Having a yarn to the owner about Cuba’s fraught history over a Cosmo at the pool bar is something rare and glorious these days. However if you’re not here to make friends, try your hand at windsurfing or get some 0 SPF and get your tan on.



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