An Editorial Life is a lifestyle content destination;  a love letter to the road fueled by a lust for an inspiring, fulfilling life.  I started this journal, as I had been a makeup artist, a fashion stylist, a floral designer then a Lifestyle Executive for American Express. I now freelance as an editor and writer and have lived in Auckland, Sydney, Germany, London and Toronto. These are my notes on adventures from freelance projects and while travelling on my own dime and on employers’ tabs (woo).

An Editorial Life is a little irreverent, a little bohemian, a lot of laughs and much lust for life.  It’s taking a corner on the terrifying Road to Hana in Hawaii a little too fast or admiring the cavernous lobby full of peonies in the George V in Paris. It’s plucking up the courage to practice the electric guitar instead of watching Netflix or saving up for a car but buying a Louis Vuitton bag instead. (true story).

Not to say that we should try to live lives that feel or look straight from the pages of a magazine, life is too messy and uncalculated for that but we have a choice to cultivate and edit a life we are proud of in all its imperfect glory.

We have the first and last chapter already written for us, but we get carte blanche in the middle…

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