5 Top Sartorial Trends for Travellers in 2016

5 Top Sartorial Trends for Travellers in 2016

Should one of your 2016 New Years resolutions be to trot a litte more of the globe, these 5 trends will see you in good stead for luxury and make clearing customs a little more agreeable.

Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Passport Cover

An Editorial Life - Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Passport Cover

A monogrammed passport cover will house the MVP of your travel arsenal in style. THE most important document you will perhaps ever possess and your ticket to self enlightenment, adventure and hopefully romance, a monogrammed passport cover not only signals your commitment to luxury and more stamps in your passport, but also aids in being able to find the slippery sucker when you’re juggling overweight carry on, a fur jacket, boarding passes and disgruntled TSA employees.

Mon Monogram available from Louis Vuitton.

Rimowa Luggage –Topaz Stealth Series

An Editorial Life - Rimowa Luggage –Topaz Stealth Series

Though the purchase of a piece of Rimowa luggage almost costs the same as an All-Inclusive to Necker Island, it’s one of those investments you will continually pat yourself on the back for each time you travel. A German company since 1898 (functional AND sexy) Rimowas are icons of 20th century industrial design. Each Topas suitcase has 4 wheels that each revolve 360 degrees and a hard shell made from polycarbonate which is practically indestructible and also very lightweight.

You can also personalise your Rimowas with stickers!

Topas Stealth series available at Rimowa.com

Monocle Travel Guide Series

Ad Editorial Life - Monocle Travel Guide Series

Each travel guide contains 148 pages of where to go and what to do in each city; from local retail to fun cafes, great running spots to neighbourhood walks. The guides are written by Monocle contributors from round the globe. Currently in circulation are Miami, Istanbul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Madrid, Tokyo, London and New York.  Available online or in stores. Monocle.com

Kiini Crochet Bikini

An Editorial Life - Kiini Crochet Bikini

A favourite among the fashion cognoscenti, Kiini crocheted bikinis are handmade by real people so no two bikinis are the same. Believed to unleash superpowers like supreme positivity, they are made with no clasps or underwire, just hi tech fabrics and lots of love. Perfect for long days on the beach or as quick dry underwear if sojourning through bohemian city beach destinations such as Rio, Marrakesh, Santorini. Shop the collection at Kiini. com

Maison Michel Fedora

An Editorial Life - Maison Michel Fedora

Historically, while travelling one needn’t worry about keeping up with the Jones when exploring Istanbul’s bazaars or Bangkok’s canals, however with present day Instagram and the like, one’s hairs must always be in place. Keep up the illusion of perfect hair and an air of mystery with a jaunty fedora. Perfect for plane hair, bed head and just run out of dry shampoo hair, Maison Michel makes beautiful hats ideal for both galleries and galleys. Exuding French sophistication and class, Maison Michel millinery are hand crafted in the maison’s Paris atelier. Available from Matches Fashion.

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